Gaetano Accordini, 1929

Our history

Our origins lie when Gaetano Accordini during the early years of the twentieth century bought 5 acres in the town of Negar in Cà Bessole, helped by his wife Giuseppina Bertani.

Stefano, his son, produced in these years Valpolicella wine for a local market, managing the business in first person until 1970. Then, on the Christmas Day of 1956 Tiziano was born, followed in September 1962 by Daniele; in that years the low profitability of the grapes made hard to produce good wine; but this didn't stop their passion.

Thanks to diploma in Oenology Sciences at the school of Conegliano Veneto, Daniele took to undertake with vigor and determination the path of quality, starting from vineyards located in Negrar with new installations of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella and Molinara; then, we tried to increase the quality of yields per hectare, removing the old barrels in the cellar and modernizing the procedures of winemaking.

Our first bottle of Amarone Acinatico was produced in 1980 using only vineyards of Negrar; the development of grapes grew in 1999 with the purchase of 10 acres in the hills of Fumane, in the village of Cavalo. The intuition to produce grapes of Valpolicella mountain with unique and unmistakable characteristics became the focus of a series of studies: they began on the soil, then on the choice of rootstock. Our family fallen in love with of these hills in 2008: we began construction of a new winery, where the fourth generation could work. They are Giacomo, currently dealing with viticulture and with him come other 5 acres, 3 in the municipality of Saint Ambrogio (Monte Fraction) and 2 others near the winery Old Church; Paolo Accordini follower of Daniele's advice, search the road to became a fine cellar, caring and considerate of all stages of vinification, aging and bottling. In perfect synergy, also joins Marco Accordini, Daniele's son, the youngest of the fourth generation and currently a student of Agronomy and Enology. Also we care to remark the great support their wives provide: Raffaella and Eleonora.

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The family estate extends over 4 hectares situated in Negrar, the heart of Valpolicella, in a place called Bessole.
These vineyards are a precious source of great satisfaction thanks to their southern-east exposure and their soil, which is well balanced in its components.
A good choice of three different varieties of grapes, Corvine, Rondinelle and Corvinone, grafted by Stefano and taken from grapes of high quality, guarantees every year the production of ripe grapes well suited to be withered. In the new estate among the hills of Fumane a new vineyard of about 6 hectares is being planted.
The traditional techniques, such as Ripasso, are employed to produce a wine of a very high level, the Valpolicella Classico Superiore. The Winery is located in the heart of classic Valpolicella, in Pedemonte, S.Pietro Incariano; it isn't a big winery, however it is equipped with the most up to date technology, both the new winery department in stainless steel and the refining in small barrels.

Azienda Agricola "Accordini Stefano" * Località Camparol 10, Fumane (VR) P.IVA 03065450235

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